Tolka Park

See below reply received from Dublin City Council in response to my question regarding the future of Tolka Park

Question in the name of Councillor Deirdre Heney
“To ask the Manager to give an update on the plan to regain possession of the lease of Tolka Park and to accommodate Shelbourne FC in the upgraded Dalymount Pk with Bohemians as joint users and say:

A If it is agreed as of yet for Bohemians to move to Tolka Park for the duration of the refurbishment of Dalymount Park, when is that expected to start and how long will the refurbishment take

B How much DCC is going to spend on the refurbishment of Dalymount and if it is planned to fully recover that amount from the redevelopment of the Tolka Park site

C What are the Development Departments plans for the Tolka site, if it is intended to sell the site for housing, commercial or other uses

D If Development/Planning Departments are working with the trustees of Clonliffe College so as to bring forward a co-ordinated plan that will benefit them both jointly

E If a statement can be made on the matter.


As of Friday 30th September Dublin City Council closed on the purchase of Tolka Park and now own the site outright.

Yes, currently the understanding with Bohemian FC is they will temporarily move to Tolka Park during the redevelopment of Dalymount Park. The plans for Dalymount Park are at a very early stage but it is hoped that work will start in Dalymount in 2018 and take approximately 2-3 years.

The funding for Dalymount Park is still being sourced. Currently a brief is being drawn up which will be presented to national government and this will influence the budget available. There is the possibility that the new stadium will be built in phases.

It is not intended that Tolka Park will remain as a football pitch following the redevelopment of Dalymount Park. Its precise use will be determined at the appropriate time based on the provisions of the City Development Plan in place at that time.

The zoning objective outlined in the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022 for the Holy Cross College at Clonliffe is predominantly Z12 (Institutional Land – Future Development Potential) with an area adjacent to the River Tolka zoned Z9 (Open Space / Green Network). Tolka Park is also zoned Z9 (Open Space / Green Network).

There have been no relevant planning applications in relation to the Holy Cross College lands. However, in articulating the objectives of the development plan, it is envisaged that the Holy Cross lands will provide for a significant level of residential development with a high quality linear park along the southern bank of the River Tolka. Enhanced permeability across the site is envisaged with the potential for a new route crossing the River Tolka to connect with the Tolka Park area and on to Richmond Road / Grace Park Road.