Residential development proposed at Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.Last Date for Observations 13 April

The development at this 3.065ha site will consist of: – 101 no. residential units, comprising 12 no. 5 bed units, 12 no. 4 bed units, 55 no. 3 bed units and 22 no. of 2 bed apartments; – The dwelling units are to be provided as follows: 28 no. units of house types 1A to 1C consisting of 2 storey 3 bed terraced houses of c. 117 sq.m; 14 no. units of house types 2A to 2B consisting of 2.5 storey, 3 bed semi-detached houses of c. 116 sq.m; 11 no. units of house types 3A to 3B consisting of 2 storey, 3 bed semi detached houses of c. 115-117 sq.m; 1 no. house type 3C consisting of a 2-storey detached house of 115 sq.m; 1 no. of house type 3D consisting of a 2-storey, 3 bed semi-detached house of c. 115 sq.m; 12 no. of house type 4A and 4B consisting of 2.5 storey, 4 bed with study semi-detached houses of c. 173-179 sq.m; 12 no. of house type 5A to 5C consisting of 2.5 storey, 5 bedroom with study detached houses of 181 to 184 sq.m; – The 22 no. apartments are provided in a 4 storey block including undercroft car parking with balconies and roof garden; – Publicly accessible open space of 6,125 sq.metres; – Revised boundary treatment including new gate, 1.8 metre wire mesh fence and 1.8 metre powder coated galvanised steel fence along boundary with Marino Institute of Education, modification and increase in height of boundary adjacent to St. Joseph’s School; modified railing and boundary wall to Griffith Avenue. – Amendments to the layout and design of the road ( including horizontal alignment, gradient and vertical curvature parameters) previously permitted under application reference Register Reference 3226/09 & An Bord Pleanala Ref. PL.29N.234636; – All associated site and infrastructural works including foul and surface water drainage; surface car parking; public open spaces; landscaping (hard and soft), boundary treatment; new internal roads, cycle paths and footpaths.