Pobalscoil Rosmini, Gracepark Road.

See below reply from Planning Enforcement Section of Dublin City Council in response to Councillor Deirdre Heney’s question on the above.

15th May 2023

Q.39 Question in the name of Councillor Deirdre Heney

“To ask the Area Manager in relation to Pobalscoil Rosmini, Gracepark Road can the manager advise what planning enforcement matters are outstanding at this location following initial work on the demolition and the removal of a number of trees/breach of planning permission for construction of a new school can the manager advise what enforcement matters if any are outstanding and when building of the new school is due to recommence.”


Pobalscoil Rosmini, Gracepark Road (Planning register reference 2172/17) have submitted all outstanding pre commencement compliance documentation to the compliance section.
The Section 154 Enforcement Notice requires no further development works pursuant to the permission granted under ABP ref PL29N.249253 / DCC ref. 2172/17 until compliance submissions have been received and approved in writing for the following:
• Condition 5 (Construction and demolition waste plan) has been submitted and is deemed compliant
• Condition 6 (Construction Management Plan) has been submitted. The Planning Enforcement Section are awaiting one aspect of this submission to be determined. All other departments who have reviewed the Construction Management Plan have approved the submission. The latest date for a decision on this submission is 22 May 2023.
• Condition 7 (Landscaping Plan) has been deemed compliant by Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services
• Condition 9 (Materials and Colours), a deferral request has been submitted for this element. The details have been requested to be submitted in due course.

Once condition 6 has been fully approved by all internal departments of Dublin City Council the school development can re-commence on site. The latest date for this is 22 May 2023, unless the submission is deemed non-compliant. Should compliance be determined before the 22nd May the site will be allowed re-open immediately.

A/Planning Enforcement Manager