North City Water Supply Scheme – Phase 1

North City Water Supply Scheme – Phase 1

Progress Update:

•Works began in October 2014 with the Watermain construction along Hollybrook Road and Park. Watermain construction has continued in Fairview Park do date.

•The Clontarf Promenade Works shall proceed in conjunction with the Works in Fairview Park and on Alfie Byrne Road.

•Part of the works on Clontarf Promenade includes the construction of a chamber opposite Hollybrook Road within the grassed area. This chamber will connect the Hollybrook Road pipeline to the Alfie Byrne Road / Clontarf Promenade pipeline shall connect.

•As part of the project duplication of the current Wad river culvert will be carried out so as to minimise any disruption to the Clontarf Promenade during future possible upgrades to the river outfall.

•Works are expected to commence on these chambers on Clontarf Promenade on 1st April 2015.

•Once the construction of these chambers is completed the installation of the watermain shall be undertaken. The extent of the watermain is from the bottom of Hollybrook Road, around the promenade to the west and down Alfie Byrne Road.

•Works are anticipated to be completed on Clontarf Promenade, Alfie Bryne Road and Fairview Park by September 2015.

•As a result of these works located opposite Hollybrook Road it is likely that one entry point to the car park shall remain closed for the duration of the works. A small number of car parking spaces within the car park shall be required to facilitate working room for the Contractor.