New subscription charges will help fund Dublinbikes expansion to include an additional 58 new stations, the first of which will open on 28th November.

Dublin City Council has announced changes to the cost of Dublinbikes membership. The changes take effect from 6th December 2013 and will contribute towards the expansion of the Dublinbikes scheme.

The following new charges will apply to subscription renewals and new membership from 6th December:

  • Long Term membership (one year) will cost €20
  • Short Term membership (three day) will cost €5

The new subscription charges, which were agreed last May, will coincide with the phased introduction of 58 new Dublinbikes stations and 950 new Dublinbikes in the capital before the end of July 2014. The first of the new stations will open on 28th November 2013 with others following shortly.

The 58 new stations that will see the ever popular Dublinbikes scheme expand from the city centre towards Hueston Station and into the Dublin Docklands between now and next summer. For map of locations of new stations click new bike stations map 25 November 2013.