Heney welcomes refurbishment of Fairview Footbridge

Cllr. Deirdre Heney today welcomed Dublin City Council’s awarding of a contract to refurbish the pedestrian footbridge in Fairview.


‘I welcome the news that the work on the footbridge is to begin next month and look forward to the job being completed by Christmas.’


Cllr. Heney said ‘The refurbishment work on the bridge was long over-due and as the footbridge is synonymous with Fairview, it will be good to see it properly refurbished and made safe for future use by pedestrians.  It is also good to see the bridge being repainted as this will help to give the general appearance of the area a positive lift.’


FairviewFootbridgeWork on the bridge itself is due to begin in mid-September and it is expected the work will take three months to complete.  The contractor has started the fabrication of the replacement section of the bridge which crosses the road.


The refurbishment job consists of replacing section across carriageway, raising the north end of bridge slightly to increase clearance, shot blasting, repairing and painting existing ramps and stairways; providing new surfacing to ramps and also providing vehicle crash protection to bridge


The refurbishment sequence is as follows;

Fabricate new section of bridge across carriageway; Erect temporary stairways to each end of bridge; Replace section of bridge across carriageway during night road closure;  Remove (during closure) one section of ramp on north side to adjust height; Open bridge to pedestrians the next morning.
Refurbish existing ramps and stairways; Reinstall section of ramp on north side during night road closure; Install crash protection to bridge; Open ramps and stairways to pedestrians; Remove temporary stairways;