Helping Hedgehogs in Dublin – making your garden more hedgehog friendly

Councillor Deirdre Heney wishes to advise constituents that, following on from the success of last year’s first ever Irish Hedgehog survey project, (which resulted in over 2,000 sightings being recorded nationwide), Dublin City Council has joined the project, which is a collaboration between researchers in the Zoology Department at NUI Galway, the National Biodiversity Data Centre and other local authorities.

The project aims to provide information on the types of habitats where hedgehogs do and don’t occur, as well as raise awareness among the public about the presence of hedgehogs in the city. As part of the project, a leaflet entitled ‘Helping Hedgehogs’ is also being launched to educate people about how they can make their garden and community more hedgehog friendly.

The survey, which will take place from May to September, is inviting volunteers to conduct a survey in their local area using footprint tunnels to determine if hedgehogs are present in various habitats. Volunteers will be provided with training and asked to place 10 footprint tunnels within a 1km2 area for 5 nights and check them each morning for any signs of hedgehogs.

The project is suitable for anyone with an interest in local wildlife, conservation groups, community and youth groups. Dublin City Council will be hosting webinars and training sessions next month for those who wish to learn more about the survey and find out how they can get the equipment, which is being provided.

To download a copy of the Helping Hedgehogs leaflet (in English and Irish) go to: Copies will also be available from public libraries when Covid-19 restrictions allow.

For details of training sessions go to: