Griffith Avenue trees

Councillor Heney wishes to advise residents that she requested City Council management to cease the felling of trees from Drumcondra’s Griffith Avenue as residents express disquiet. Councillor Heney expressed concern at the way in which Council management is removing 24 trees from Griffith Avenue without giving residents proper notice of their removal.
She said the “tree felling is a major issue for Griffith Avenue and affects all of its residents and beyond. Having discussed the matter with local people, it is my request and recommendation to City Council management, that any further felling of trees should be deferred for several weeks until the issue is properly discussed with residents, their associations and also the local City Council Area Committee meeting in September.”.

Councillor Heney said that ‘residents are upset and annoyed about what is happening and the felling of trees cannot just proceed with a couple of days notice, particularly when so many people are on holidays’.

For details of the Arboricultural Inventory and Assessment report click the following link Griffith Avenue Draft trees report