Future of Whitehall Garda Station

Please see details of a recent planning notice regarding the future use of what once was “Whitehall Garda Station”.


Planning ref; 3311/14

Application type; State Authority Works

Applicant; Commisioner of Public Works

Location;Whitehall Garda Station, Griffith Avenue, Swords Road, Dublin 9.


PROTECTED STRUCTURE: The Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, in accordance with the provisions of Part 9 of S.I.No 600 of 2001, Local Government Planning and Development regulations 2001, propose to carry out refurbishment and modifications to Whitehall Garda Station, located at the corner of Griffith Avenue and Swords Road, Dublin 9. Whitehall Garda Station is a protected Structure (RPS Ref:3329 recorded on the Dublin City Council Development Plan 2011-2017). The proposed works include: Change of use of the existing Garda Station (Disused) (area 750m2) for proposed use as offices and laboratory for The Office of the State Pathologist and use as City Mortuary. Construction of a new single storey plant/boiler room structure (area 87m2), including flue, extract fan and roof-light, to the north-western boundary to the rear of the existing two-storey structure. Refurbishment of and modifications to, the existing two-storey Garda Station building (area 750m2), a Protected Structure. The character of the Garda Station will be materially affected by part replacement/refurbishment/reconfiguration of the existing windows and doors on the side (west) and rear (north and west elevations), provision of new entrance doors on the side (west) and rear (north and west elevations) including canopy. General refurbishment of the Garda Station building (area 750m2) including closing existing main entrance on the front facade, upgrading of existing stairs, removal of some internal walls and chimney breasts, removal of existing toilets, new internal layout including new walls, doors, ceilings, general surfaces, insertion of new passenger lift and new toilet layout. Construction of timber screens on the roof of the existing single storey wing on the north facade and to the rear (north and west elevations) to screen building plant equipment. The character of the existing landscaping will be materially affected by the provision of a new pedestrian ramp on the south (Griffith Avenue), modifications to the levels of the existing vehicular entrance off Griffith Avenue, relocation and provision of new vehicular access gate on the west side of the building and modifications to the existing pedestrian gate to accommodate disabled access. Site development works including site roadways, parking (including disabled) for 15 cars, bicycle parking, site lighting, signage, hard and soft landscaping and ancillary site works. Foul and surface water drainage, site services and ground site works. Drawings and particulars of the proposed development will be available for inspection between 9.30am and 12.30pm and between 2.30pm and 5.30pm Monday to Friday during a six week period, beginning on the date of publication of this notice; At: Special Projects Unit, Office of Public Works HQ, Jonathan Swift Street, Trim Co. Meath and: Project Management Services, Office of Public Works, 52 Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2. Submissions and/or observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area, may be made in writing during a period of six weeks beginning on the date of publication of this notice, To: Special Projects Unit, Office of Public Works HQ, Jonathan Swift Street, Trim, Co Meath.