Fine Gael Crocodile tears just don’t wash

Cllr. Deirdre Heney today said that “Fine Gael’s Deputy Catherine Byrne may well be right in talking of the shambles created with the city’s domestic waste collection system by Greyhound Recycling and Dublin City Council”


‘Yes’ Heney says, ‘it is difficult to disagree with Deputy Byrne’s choice of words such as “harsh policy”,  ” appalling service” and “punitive approach”.’


But, Heney said ‘it was a bit rich however, to now watch these Fine Gael crocodile tears when that Party actively supported city management in the privatisation process of Dublin City’s waste collection service.’


Cllr. Heney went on to say that ‘Fine Gael was so anxious in its support for the privatisation of our waste collection service that they dismissed all calls for timely analysis and consideration of the privatisation process.’


Heney said that ‘Deputy Byrne should check with her Fine Gael Councillors and she’ll find out exactly how we got into this mess.’


Cllr. Heney went on to say that ‘one wonders whether the obvious zeal of Fine Gael Councillors in providing political backing for city management in pushing this process through was encouraged by FG head office.  How long she asked will it take before Fine Gael privatise their latest quango –  Irish Water’.