Dollymount Beach

Following a meeting with our City Parks Superintendent, agreement was reached that vehicular access to Dollymount Beach would be re-opened from the Wooden Bridge end, with parking space reduced by approximately one third, i.e. space for parking was approx 7,000sqm and now its approx 4,500 sqm.


We also agreed that a parking and traffic management plan for the Causeway/Bull Wall and the beach would be in place by May next year to be implemented by the Parks Department in June or early July of 2015.


I accept as do others, that vehicular access onto Dollymount does result in problems associated with traffic and pedestrian safety and that a proper plan to allow for all beach users to enjoy the facility in a safe and user friendly accessible manner is the way forward.


Hopefully, with a properly worked out parking and traffic management plan, we will achieve this and next year all beach users will be able to continue to enjoy this lovely facility, safely.


I intend to continue to pursue this matter with the relevant Council officials.