Clontarf to City Centre Project (C2CP)

Councillor Heney wishes to update residents on the Clontarf to city centre cycleway project which will see the entire road space reconfigured, with upgraded footpaths, protected cycle tracks, continuous bus lanes as well as retaining a lane for cars in each direction. The project connects the north east part of the city to the city centre, with a high quality streetscape that includes the provision of community spaces, additional greening and tree planting. It provides 5.4km of bus lanes, 6 km of cycle tracks and 8 km of footpaths. In addition it allows the North East Inner City to be connected in a safe way with facilities for all ages and abilities with Clontarf and the East Coast cycle route to Howth. It will therefore provide access to leisure and sports facilities along the north coast. In time it will connect to the South Coast via a new Liffey pedestrian and cycling bridge.

Please see link below for information leaflet that is being distributed by Dublin City Council to local residents and business owners.

2022.01.21 C2CC Project Leaflet 1 ISSUE (1)