Clontarf Promenade Development and Flood Defence Project

The current position on the Clontarf Promenade Development and Flood Defence project is as follows:

A proposal to construct a second wall between the roadside footpath and the cycle track has been modelled and produced a range of wall heights required to provide 1-in-200-year flood defence along the full 3.0km stretch of promenade. The objective of such a proposal is to transform the promenade into a flood plain during very high tides, capturing the sea water and preventing it from flooding over 400 buildings along Clontarf Road.

Dublin City Council will clarify these heights along the length of the promenade and complete a visualisation video to show the impact of this proposed structure.

A design brief will be prepared, setting out in equal importance, flood defence requirement, preservation of current levels of public safety through passive surveillance, protection of the receiving environment and promotion of the amenity. Specific attention will be given to stretches along the promenade where a wall structure is at its highest point.

Dublin City Council is committed to public engagement throughout the procurement and design phases.

Dublin City Council will not go ahead with the scheme without public support and locally elected representatives will remain involved in the decision-making process.