600 days of Spin says Heney

Cllr. Deirdre Heney says that ‘before the last General Election we heard much from FG/Lab of what they would do in their first 100 days in Government. As they have now reached 600 days in Government, it’s reasonable to reflect on their performance, the austerity imposed on us, the indecision between and within the two parties, the internal rows, the higher unemployment rate, the increased emigration, broken promises and lack of transparency in appointments, decisions and policies.


Certainly they are masters of spin but we need more than just glossy presentation, bluster and history lessons. They got a lengthy honeymoon period when people gave them the benefit of the doubt. Now despite the stabilisation of the Euro, people are angry at the ever growing list of broken promises and believe they are not being listened to.”


Heney said “that Fianna Fáil is are providing good effective opposition, supporting the Government when deserved and not just being critical for the sake of it . We must and are demanding accountability from Government.2


“FG/LAB may have a huge majority in the Dáil” she said “but their arrogance in shouting down legitimate concern does no service to politics.”


Cllr. Heney said “the bluster and broken promises of James Reilly in relation to Roscommon and other hospitals, the refusal for months to control expenditure is totally unacceptable.   The simple fact that he choose two locations in his own constituency and two more in Roscommon as primary care sites for political gain rather than going on the agreed criteria was arrogance in the extreme. Basically he fixed the list.”


“We in Fianna Fáil are holding the Government to account and offering real solutions with 36 Bills published to date.  600 days gone – the broken promises add up” said Heney.