Clontarf Baths

Local residents welcome the opening of the new restaurant & café bar/seawater baths facility on Clontarf seafront. However there are concerns about the newly refurbished ‘baths’ and the availability of the baths to members of the public. Cllr. Heney is continuing to pursue this matter with the authorities in the hope that the baths will be made available for public use.
See below reply received from the Chief Executive of Dublin City Council in response to Cllr. Heney’s Question on the matter.

Question to the Chief Executive Council Meeting 5th March 2018

To ask the Chief Executive to refer to development at location as per (details supplied) and say if he is satisfied that;
a. as set out in planning condition 2, the restaurant/café bar remains subsidiary to the main use of the site for swimming, in accordance with the recreation and open space zoning of the site.
b. the works on the baths will be completed prior to the opening of the restaurant/café bar
c. the size of development on the site is that for which planning permission was granted as local resident feels that the development site now exceeds that which was granted permission
d. that there is adequate parking provision to service the restaurant/café bar as residents are concerned about the hazards that on street parking will have on current lack of road space in this locality

and if he can make a statement on the matter to include a comment on the usage requirement of the swimming pool in the permission granted and its future public use

Details: Clontarf Baths, Clontarf Road, Dublin 3.

a) There is no condition relating to subsidiary of the restaurant. The condition states that the restaurant shall be operated in conjunction with the pool. It is allowed to operate from 8am until 11.30pm by way of condition.
b) The Planning Enforcement Officer for the area is carrying out an inspection next week and will determine whether works have been substantially completed on the baths.
c) The Planning Enforcement Officer for the area is carrying out an inspection next week and will determine whether the size of the development is that for which permission was granted.
There were no conditions relating to parking spaces required for the development